How We Invest

The AMR Action Fund makes equity investments in small and mid-size biotech companies that are developing antimicrobial therapeutics for WHO and CDC priority pathogens.

A Clear Scope

We focus our investments on clinical-stage companies that are pursuing both traditional small-molecule compounds and innovative modalities, such as bacteriophages and antibody treatments.

An Expert SAB

Our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members are recognized around the world as leading experts across pertinent disciplines, including antibiotic development, clinical trial design, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, ensuring the highest level of diligence for potential investments.

A Global Presence

We build syndicates with financial partners around the world and lead or co-lead several investments each year into promising antimicrobial companies. We leverage our relationships with industry LPs to create value in portfolio companies and set up successful exits.
Our Portfolio

Advancing New
Antimicrobials to Patients

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