A growing Threat

The world is losing one of its most powerful tools in healthcare: antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs.

The reason: the rapid rise of antimicrobial resistance, or AMR. This occurs when bacteria evolve and become resistant to existing medications. Infections caused by antimicrobial-resistant bacteria can affect anyone, of any age, in any country. AMR is now a leading global killer and a looming economic catastrophe.
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Health Impact



People killed annually by AMR infections

1 in 5

AMR-associated deaths occur in children under age 5



Estimated annual AMR deaths in 2050

Economic Impact



Potential cost of AMR to global economy by 2050



People potentially pushed into extreme poverty due to AMR by 2050

A Menace to Modern Medicine

Antimicrobials are a cornerstone of modern medicine that have saved many millions of lives and alleviated untold suffering. But the rise of AMR imperils patients and jeopardizes clinicians’ ability to safely provide a wide range of care, from performing surgery and organ transplantations to treating cancer and delivering babies.
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A Paucity of Investment and Innovation

Because new antimicrobials are used sparingly, companies struggle to recoup their investments. As a result, private investment into the field is low and several biotechs have gone bankrupt in recent years after successfully developing new antibiotics.



Average time needed to develop a new antibiotic



Average cost of developing a new antibiotic


Antibacterial agents in clinical development that target WHO priority pathogens

A Catalyst for Innovation

2 to 4

Number of new antimicrobials the AMR Action Fund aims to help launch within the next decade



Approximate amount we are investing in biotechnology companies developing new treatments for priority drug-resistant pathogens

In addition to investing, we advocate for solutions to overcome the scientific and commercial challenges of antimicrobial development

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