Our Investments


The AMR Action Fund is expected to invest more than US$1 billion with the support of future partners…

…such as development banks and philanthropic organizations, into a portfolio of companies to address the funding gap for the financing of antibiotic development. In addition, the AMR Action Fund will establish a capabilities platform to provide technical support from the pharmaceutical industry to portfolio companies. This will allow portfolio companies to tap into a unique ecosystem of pharmaceutical experts and resources that are critical to ensure successful development of new novel antibiotics.

The AMR Action Fund is expected to be operational during the fourth quarter of 2020

Companies seeking funding for their clinical development programs of novel antibiotics can contact us at that time.


The AMR Action Fund will invest in smaller biotech companies focused on developing new antibiotics that address the highest priority public health needs

Our investments will be guided by an independent Scientific Advisory Board comprised of world-class experts.

The AMR Action Fund will:

Invest based on the WHO/CDC priority lists of pathogens, with the goal to address major unmet needs and maximize public health impact.


Prioritize novel antibacterial treatments, as recognized by leading public health agencies, with significant and differentiated clinical utility and that reduces patient mortality.

Invest across all stages of clinical development.

We will be announcing our investments as they materialize – stay tuned!