BioSpectrum: “Tech-Powered War on AMR”

A story from BioSpectrum warns that the Asia Pacific region is particularly vulnerable to antimicrobial resistance, and the area could witness half of worldwide AMR-related mortality by 2050. Decades of scant investment in antimicrobials and other therapies shoulder much of the blame. However, technological advancements—including artificial intelligence and diagnostic advancements—could be a difference-maker. 

“Quite frankly, not enough is being done given the global scale of AMR, which now contributes to nearly 5 million deaths a year. There has been some meaningful progress toward improving stewardship, crafting, and implementing National Action Plans, raising awareness and bringing stakeholders to the table—all of which are important steps,” says John Alter, Head of External Affairs at the AMR Action Fund. “But when it comes to addressing the market failures that plague antibiotics and hinder the development of urgently needed therapies, we are well short of where we need to be and falling further behind each year.” Read the full article here.

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