Henry Skinner Joins NPR Affiliate in Los Angeles to Discuss the Fragile Pipeline of Antibiotics

Dr. Henry Skinner, CEO of the AMR Action Fund, was a guest on AirTalk on LAist 89.3, the NPR member station in Los Angeles, to explain how novel antimicrobials are deployed, and why the drug market does not support R&D for these types of treatments. “We want to save a new antibiotic only for patients who need it because their pathogen is resistant,” Dr. Skinner said. “We put it behind glass–‘use in emergency only.’ In the first few years, the antibiotic might only be used a few thousand times…it doesn’t attract investors.” He also commented on the global nature of AMR. “If COVID has taught us anything, we live in a very small world. Resistant pathogens that arise anywhere in the world are one jet ride away from LAX or JFK. And we do need to do better globally—and we’re not moving fast enough.”

Listen to the segment at LAist 89.3 FM.      


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