Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy Webinar: “Drug-Resistant Infections & the Immediate and Future Demand for Novel Antimicrobials”

Thought leaders from academia, government, and industry came together to discuss the importance of antimicrobials and the global death toll of AMR, and make recommendations to policymakers to ensure there is sustained investment in antimicrobial R&D in the next decade. During a keynote, Senator Todd Young discussed biodefense policies and the re-introduced PASTEUR Act. Dr. Mark McClellan from Duke-Margolis then moderated a discussion on the impact and value of antimicrobials. Panelists called for incentives that reflect the societal value of antimicrobials and will help attract private investment. They also touted the importance of infection prevention, with measures including surveillance capacity, vaccine development and dissemination, and bolstering the infectious disease workforce. Among the key takeaways and recommendations, panelists noted that, although antibiotics offer substantial value to society, the small biotechs that support most antibiotic development continue to face bankruptcy. 

Read a policy summary and watch the webinar here.

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