Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy Webinar: Preparedness to Combat Infectious Disease and Drug-Resistant Bacterial Threats

Thought leaders from the U.S. government, academia, the healthcare sector, and industry joined in a discussion that outlined policy advancements governments around the world can adopt to ensure clinicians have access to life-saving antimicrobials in the near- and long-term. Drug resistant infections already pose a danger to patients, healthcare systems, and economies; leaders must step up their efforts to curb the danger that antimicrobial resistance poses, the panelists agreed. Steps include providing sufficient pull incentives to spur antimicrobial research and development, bolstering drug supply chains, investing in diagnostics, and stepping up surveillance efforts. Among the key recommendations, panelists suggested leveraging public and private resources at the research and operational levels in order to engage and support the biotech ecosystem.

Read a policy summary and watch the webinar here.


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