Forbes: “The Critical Fix We Need to Rebuild Our Broken Antibiotic Pipeline”

Forbes article warns that AMR is undermining medicine’s ability to treat cancer patients, women in labor, those facing organ transplants, soldiers injured in battle, and more—and the number of deaths caused by these infections is only going up. The pipeline for new antibiotics and therapies has become a trickle owing to the broken marketplace, and funds such as AMR Action Fund and Novo REPAIR Impact Fund are acting as a stopgap, so R&D continues until governments put into place effective policies. 

“One of the challenges with drug-resistant infections is that we all take antibiotics for granted,” says Henry Skinner, CEO of the AMR Action Fund. “And yet we’re just that one bad pathogen away from effectively being back in Civil War medicine where there’s nothing physicians can do except hope and pray.” Read the full article here.

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