GSK: “’It’s Insidious and It’s Getting Worse:’ AMR and the Urgent Need for Novel Antimicrobials”

A story from GSK recognizes that antibiotics represent perhaps the most impactful advancement in the history of medicine. A convergence of pressures—increased use and overprescription of antibiotics, bacteria’s natural evolution to evade treatment, and a dearth of investment into the R&D pipeline and infectious disease scientists to make novel drugs—has put the future of antibiotics in peril. 

“Keeping the antibiotics pipeline afloat isn’t the only challenge…There’s another problem: replacing all the scientists who have left the field after their projects faltered and likely won’t return. ‘We’re losing the human talent,’ says Henry Skinner, CEO of AMR Action Fund. That’s one of the biggest risks in the intermediate term.” Read the full article here.

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