Policy Briefing: Recommendations for Creating a Sustainable Innovation Ecosystem for Antimicrobial R&D

Ahead of next year’s United Nations General Assembly’s High-level Meeting on AMR, representatives from the U.S., Japan, and Canada gathered to explore critical steps that governments and stakeholders can take to help ensure the world has access to the effective antimicrobials and other therapies needed to avert millions of needless deaths and trillions of dollars in added health care expenditures in the future.

The broken marketplace for antimicrobial innovations continues to depress critical investment. While many thought leaders and advocates have been working for decades to jumpstart the R&D pipeline, the panelists agreed the coalition of stakeholders should be broadened to include members of government, the biopharmaceutical industry, medical societies, and think tanks. One avenue to this would be enlisting the help of patients and patient advocates, who can give firsthand accounts to the threat AMR poses to the world.

Read the policy recommendations here.

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