Stat News Op-Ed: Antibiotic Innovation is Ailing. 'Brain Drain' May Kill It.

"In today's labor market, good help is hard to find. For companies developing antibiotics, it's becoming nearly impossible," writes AMR Action Fund CEO Henry Skinner, in an op-ed on the flight of talent from antibiotic R&D. "I have spent most of my career developing antibiotics and investing in biotechnology companies, so I was aware of the scientific and financial headwinds we'd be up against - including workforce challenges. The latter is worse than I expected, and I now worry the field is suffering irreparable harm from a prolonged period of 'brain drain' that could affect everything from how new antibiotics are discovered to regulators' ability to evaluate antibiotic candidates in the future."

"To fight an existential-scale threat like antibiotic resistance, the world needs all the brainpower it can muster."

Read the full op-ed here.




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